Shrapnel From The Soul – a fragment


On mornings when I can’t stand it anymore I just want the apocalypse to kick off already. May the Jesus freaks turn out to have been right all along, apologies for every time I rolled an eye at some grey Kevlar-wearing guy heaving a ‘The End Is Near’ sandwich board. Cue the flood, the Pyongyang nuke fireworks, the giant asteroid. Every TV go all snowy, white noisy, blink, beam color bars with squeal drone. Burn my retina with visions of all humanity in a groan of metal bending, fire roasting, glass pulverizing. So fast and ferocious the grim reaper barely has time to put on his work clothes. But then fish eye dead, gray electricity cut see your dumb face open mouth in the convex glass.

Then I see my little girl’s face, my 9-yr-old daughter waking for school and it all stops. Now a breeze, young finches pecking seeds from an abandoned apple core on the deck.

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12 Responses to Shrapnel From The Soul – a fragment

  1. T-Bird says:

    So I’m wondering as I read your inaugural post what kind of morning gets you to such apocalyptic destitootiny given that golden girl you got (not to mention her mother!) — and then, of course, you bring it right ’round to her.

    So I guess the trajectory was predictable.

    I look forward to further blogs . . .

  2. Chester Hastings says:

    Blow, daddy, blow….
    Wonderful. I will follow…

  3. Blythe says:

    Love it… Can’t wait for the novel. Get it to Michael Silverblatt …

  4. Bill Stern says:

    Prose poetry that engages me. Will willingly read more.

  5. Avi R says:

    Mr. -Stein,

    Truly inspirational. Words to read before sleep. Like a soft blanket or cuddly pillow. Just right for wrapping the soul and comforting the mind. Optimism. Life affirming. The soft hush of a wave crashing against the sand, heard through the foggy window of a beach house.

    Thank you!

  6. Rory Rooney says:

    Great writing, left me wanting more.

  7. David Stein says:

    A good example of the principle that how we choose to see the world is within our control. Now if you can find an incentive within yourself to choose to see the beauty by default, you will be much happier. It’s always there. We just have to choose to see it.

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  9. Jeremy says:

    This is the literary equivalent of an opium trip, says the Kevlar-wearing guy heaving a ‘The End Is Near’ sandwich board.

  10. StefanoP says:

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